The Field PTY


$350 American dollars per team.
Referee fees are included in registration fees.
Teams can secure a spot with a $150 deposit, but must be paid in full by the first deadline date – July 15th 2023.


July 30, 2023 – Teams that registered with a deposit must be paid in full by this date to secure the spot you were holding.

Registration for new teams will remain open until July 15th, 2023.

Draft Order

Draft order will be determined by those on the top 4 earned from previous tournaments first.
Zoom Drafts will be held the week leading into the tournament.

Prizes & Awards

Championship Rings, Team Trophy, Individual Medals & MVP’s.

Event Format

5 on 5 IFAF Rules
40 min non-stop clock divided on 2 half of 20 and a halftime of 5 min only for regular season
Playoff and Championship time is regulatory.
Mercy rule is applicable during the entire tournament.
Each region can have up to 2 players from the capital, Panama capital cannot have any reinforcement.
None Panamanians can play for any region.

Flags Required

All styles will use Shruumz or Sonic Flag-A-Tag style belts and flags.

Important Facts

  • Minimum of 4 games
  • Paramedic services on site
  • Photography of every game
  • Individual stats
  • Sponsor prizes