The Field PTY

Be the best!


$350 American dollars per team.
Referee fees are included in registration fees.
Teams can secure a spot with a $150 deposit, but must be paid in full by the first deadline date – June 1st 2023.


June 30, 2023 – Teams that registered with a deposit must be paid in full by this date to secure the spot you were holding.

Registration for new teams will remain open until June 30th, 2023.

Age registration: 19 years old by the time of the tournament

Draft Order

Draft order will be determined by those on the top 4 earned from previous tournaments first.
Zoom Drafts will be held the week leading into the tournament.

Prizes & Awards

Championship Rings, Team Trophy & MVP’s.

Event Format

5 on 5 IFAF Rules
40 min non-stop clock divided on 2 half of 20 and a halftime of 5 min only for regular season
Playoff and Championship time is regulatory.
Mercy rule is applicable during the entire tournament.

Flags Required

All styles will use Shruumz or Sonic Flag-A-Tag style belts and flags.

Important Facts

  • Minimum of 4 games
  • Paramedic services on site
  • Photography of every game
  • Individual stats
  • Sponsor prizes

Basic Rules

  • Coin flip determines choice of possession or direction (winning team can elect to defer to the 2nd half)
  • 2 half of 20 min, for regular round clock will be non-stop
  • The clock will only stop for injuries. Time-outs not allowed in the last 2 minutes of the first half.

LAST 2 MINUTE OF THE GAME (second half)

  • The clock will  stop in the final 2 minute of the game on these actions:
    • Incompletions
    • Out of Bounds
    • Change of Possession
    • Penalties. If it’s an offensive penalty the clock will start on the official unless dead ball foul.
  • TWO 30-second timeouts per half
  • If a timeout is called after a touchdown, the clock will not start until the play after the conversion attempt
  • Teams switch sides at halftime.
  • Ball is placed where a flag pulled, not where the ball is when the flag is pulled.
  • A receiver must have one foot in bounds when making a reception.
  • Absolutely no tackling or blocking
  • Only one player can be in motion at the same time..
  • Games cannot end on a defensive penalty


    If a team is up by 30 or more the clock will run non-stop.